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If you have spent most of your life dreaming about visiting Paris and Rome, walking on China’s Great Wall, or seeing the USA, a guided land vacation is for you. We work with several companies that specialize in this type of travel and really welcome seniors.  And they offer a huge variety of land tours that are designed to take you to destinations which lend themselves to more intensive visits, more in depth sightseeing, and more personal experiences.  Plus there are many levels of escorted travel.  For those of you who are adventurous or on a tight budget, an independent tour that includes only your accommodations, your travel arrangements, and a few activities may work well for you. And for some of you, independent travel can also offer true luxury and privacy. If you’ve imagined staying in a luxurious Italian villa with a private car and driver to show you the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, then independent land touring may be for you, too. Or perhaps you want to join other travelers on an itinerary that’s entirely preplanned and fully escorted. Whichever you prefer, land touring is an excellent choice.

Our staff has traveled extensively through every state in the USA, Canada, Mexico, most of Europe and much of the Orient, and we are happy to help you find the right, guided land tour for your activity level and interests. Land tours are favorites with seniors like us and you.


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Bangkok is a vivacious city, with some of the region's most delicious cuisine. From street food to stylish restaurants, explore the stimulating flavors Thai food has to offer.

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